This Week's Psychotic Spontaneous Excerpt from the Journals

By way of ink pressed on recycled paper somewhere or nowhere, deep in the underground and fueled with the sweat and bile and energy of that hallowed realm, out-shot from the ground in the form of a zine, I have come to the realization that although I have recently felt I am part of a world I don’t belong in, my purpose is actually to help create a new one. A better one. One in which the old rich corporate pig has lost his spot on the top of the slop chain. One in which the working class has finally stopped being tricked into focusing their attention on disassociated fragments and mundane details of reality and has positioned a curious gaze on the big picture. Where the collective lifts the polyester veil of a beautiful Kardashian to reveal a daydream leaper. Revealing a landscape of mystery where corporate hogs feed on the self hate created by body image, the insecurities caused by imperfections of an Insta share, and the opiate cult chasing down the next “like”. Standing in front of half used attempts of culture in the form of a graffiti wall on a store. Gawd!!! The leaders of this resistance will have to be women. Men are too programmed toward sexism, atleast males older than 12 or 13, those beautiful green minds still have a chance. The resistance will start the battle of sexism and it’s zany host Dooooonald Trump! Then and only then can all the other ISMs be addressed, as they seem to stem from a similar root. It’s hard to imagine that women could have ever created class-ism, racism, or any other ISM that benefits the corporate oaf. We had a chance to see this kind of revolution in the 60’s, then the 90’s. Both of them were halted by wars and extreme-capitalism. I hope this time people have the self-awareness to know the revolution will be televised, and the ads will be a succubus of the underground scene. GAP, H+M, and Forever 21 will sell the uniform of battle and slurp of the greasy drippings. MTV and Bravo will film inside the bunker and make a mint on it. But don’t let the veil fall again. Don’t get lost in the fragments and the mundane detailing of the beautiful tapestry and the velvet rope. Stay awake and fight. May our music help the cause.